Starting a New Project

When considering a new patio, pool deck, walkway, driveway or wall system, the most important step to get the results you desire is careful planning.

Sclafani Brothers work with you to design and plan your project, assuring the best layout and utilization of available materials. Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) we create a custom design specifically tailored towards your needs and requirements. The custom design is drawn and detailed to reflect the information pertaining exclusively to your project which then is compiled and forwarded for your approval.

When the occasion warrants, we also resolve ways to correct existing problems at your site. All irregularities are dealt with before the installation process commences. This procedure eliminates guesswork and any potential for failure of the system.

Once finalized and approved, Sclafani Brothers will layout all the details of the custom design at your site. All grade and existing structural elevations are verified at this time to ensure proper water control and drainage.

Upon completion of the layout verifications, excavation is started. At this stage the customer will see the design they have chosen start to take shape. After all excavated material is removed, separation fabric and base material are installed to form the systems foundation.

At this stage the foundation can be utilized for two totally different applications. One, the installation of paving stones or two, the installation of a retaining wall system.

For paving stones, a sand setting bed will be installed where the paving stones will then be placed and cut to form the custom design selected. Next, edge restraints are then installed to retain the paving stones placement. Finally, the paving stones are tamped into place with a vibratory plate. Upon completion of this stage all joints are then filled with sand to complete the interlocking system process. All applicable areas surrounding the paving stone system are then backfilled to grade with topsoil.

For a retaining wall system, wall units are cut and placed directly on the foundation to form the custom design selected. Caps are then cut and installed with a flexible adhesive to the final coarse. Next, corrugated pipe and clean stone are installed in back of the wall units to provide adequate water drainage. Finally, all applicable areas surrounding the wall system are backfilled to grade with clean fill or topsoil depending on the application.

The overview below will give you a general insight into the installation process and how it works.

Sclafani Brothers Construction, Inc. offers a wide variety of high quality products from EP Henry to make your project picture perfect and last a lifetime.